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Wedding favour boxes

Wedding favours are traditionally given to guests at the wedding breakfast and double up as an eye catching finishing touch for your table decor.

We offer a range of luxury handmade favour boxes ready for you to fill with whatever you wish, for example:  - delicious treats (sweets, macaroons, chocolates, cookies, truffles, lollipops etc.), little flowers or flower seeds, little candles, or handmade soaps or bath bombs which fill your reception with 
a beautiful aroma!

You can match every box to your own invitation design so they are the perfect way to carry your wedding theme through to table decor.

Below we present different box shapes along with sample of use with various collections. 

Minimum order is 20 boxes.

Square Box -  £ 1.90 
Dimensions: L-5,5cm W-5,5cm H-3cm

               One Page Collection OP6 click!            One Page Collection OP7 click!

Square Box 2 -  £ 1.90
 Dimensions: H-4cm  W-4cm

Elegant Collection EL7 click!

Handbag 1 -  £ 2.50
 Dimensions: H-10cm  W-5cm

Gate Fold Collection GF3 click!

Cone 1 -  £ 2.10
Dimensions: L-9,5cm  H-5cm

Luxury Collection LX1 click!

Trapeze 1 -  £ 2.50

Dimensions: H-9,5cm  W-7,5 & 5,5cm
Elegant Collection EL6 click!

Mini Box -  £ 2.10 
Dimensions: L-5cm W-5cm H-5cm

               Lace Collection LC2 click!            Gate Fold Collection GF2 click!

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